DL3 DRAFT’N T – Limited Edition hand made by Shock Design




The Eyerise family is pleased to present the new arrivals DRAFT’N T, coordinated glasses and T-shirts, entirely handmade in a limited edition of 34 unique pieces.
Glasses painted directly on the T-shirt so as to have graphics in common, in fact by overlapping them, the paint splashes that make up the graphics, will match perfectly. We have been painting our glasses by hand for years now, together with the best designers in the Moto GP sector, and this new idea will be available in our shop by mid-September.

The limited edition glasses will obviously be numbered from 1 to 17 in 2 different models, the DL25 and the DL3 already present as models in our collection. The choice of number 17 was simple, number 1 represents individuality, uniqueness, leadership and progress, while 7 represents awakening and enlightenment.

This project was made in collaboration with ShockDesign, Claudia Vitali design and Chico bonito clothing, with the great support of Eddy !!



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